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The visual medium of communication has evolved from age-old cinema houses and multiplexes to modern day OTT platforms, but the impact that movies had on society as a visual medium of communication has always been long-lived and substantial. Movies have always been elements that were equally enjoyed and appreciated by all actors of the society, across all the levels. They have always taken the common away from the harsh realities of their daily strife to a land and world of fantasy, thrill and mystery.

The CryptoSauga Stars Club is the journey of a cinephile in the metaverse. Kunal, a simple soul and a family man was always captivated by the enchanting aura of films - the heartening tears of the beloved actress, the beaming smiles, the blood boiling villainy, the shivering excitements of the fight between the Hero and the Villain, Kunal loved it all. Cradling his dream of becoming a star and gratifying the inner cineaste in him, he travels through the metaverse, exploring various sides of the Star in his own form and spirit.




500 seats 



1500 seats 



2500 seats



5500 seats 



Jan 2022

  • Release OG Stars

  • Initiate development of utility token - $MAAL coin

  • Pre Sale giveaways

  • Release $MAAL tokenomics

Feb 2022

  • Airdrop 50 $MAAL per OG Star

  • Public Sale giveaways
  • Release Star Rarity Bot for our Discord server

Mar 2022

  • Release MALAMAAL mint passes

  • Exclusive minting access to OG Star holders

May 2022

  • Release CSS Club Dashboard

End 2022



  • Expand CSS Club to Tollywood, Kollywood, and Mollywood with illustrations by select artists from CryptoSauga Club. Star holders to be eligible for a special mint price

  • Buy more virtual lands on Sandbox, Decentral Land and CryptoVoxel
    Public Sale Phase 2

  • Bring VoxStar to life in the SANDBOX metaverse. Star holders to be eligible for a free VoxStar mint + Gas fees

  • Partner with select nightclubs and cafes across India. Star holders will have special access privileges

  • Design CSS Club merchandise


Star Privileges

  • Earn social token $MAAL coin

  • Join metaverse events hosted by CSS Club on our own SandBox land

  • Own future NFTs launched by CSS Club at discounted prices

  • Attend CSS Club private events across India

  • Get a chance to win movie ticket vouchers

  • Special access to select nightclubs and cafes cross India